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If you're in Michigan and want to explore some cool places in your own state or if you're out of state and thinking of vacationing here, I can make a few recommendations!

We just took a lovely mini-vacation to northeastern Michigan and had a really nice time.

First, we went to hike around a series of sinkholes near the Shoepack Lake State Forest, just outside of Atlanta, Mich. This area is loaded with fantastic scenery. There were a lot of steps to get down to one of the sinkholes and then back up again, but we had fantastic weather for it.

Then, we drove down scenic M-32 to the city of Alpena. And, what I want to know is, why didn't anyone ever tell me how pretty Alpena, right on Lake Huron, is? They have some ugly commercial strip mall areas, but the large residential area off M-32 is pretty, with lots of big Victorian homes. And they have really gorgeous lakefront parks which we did explore, and a maritime museum and a lighthouse that we didn't get a chance to explore. We stayed there overnight at a hotel and then drove south down M-23 the next day.

I can also recommend taking the scenic tour of lakefront and lighthouses along Lake Huron. We saw the Sturgeon Point Lighthouse, which has a historic one-room schoolhouse (Bailey School) right next to it, and the Tawas Point Lighthouse. In addition to looking at the lighthouse, we also hiked the 2-mile (very rustic) Sandy Hook Trail.

Today, we've been out picking raspberries, and now J. is mowing the lawn. I LOVE being outdoors and being active at this time of year!
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I was doing really well on my fitness challenge to myself: to do at least one sun salutation every day for 30 days. I kept it up for just shy of 3 weeks, and then I blew it a couple days after Christmas. I'm glad I at least kept it up through the most stressful part of the holidays though- I think it helped physically and mentally. I'm going to start over in the new year and try to do one sun salutation every day for the entire month of January.

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Between our trip up north and dealing with the aftermath of our accident with the deer, I'm really off my schedule & I haven't been tracking very closely, but..Read more... )
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I kind of fell off the wagon on vacation- not that I haven't been exercising, but I haven't been tracking very closely. Even while on vacation, we walked quite a bit, and we went to the local YMCA to do weights and cardio  one day while in Virginia. I'm sure I got some kind of exercise at least 4 out of 7 days for the last few weeks, but I can't recreate every day, so I'm just going to start over as of mid-October.
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The last few weeks, I've been making the mistake of not tracking my activity at least every other day. If I wait longer to track it in my little notebook, I have to wrack my brains to remember what I did for the last week or so. But, to the best of my recollection...

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