May. 10th, 2009

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I didn't really post any detail about my visit to my mother a few weekends ago, and today seems like an appropriate time.

I drove down on a Wednesday after work and got there around 12:30 a.m., stayed until Sunday morning and then drove back home. As I was leaving Sunday morning, Mom said she enjoyed spending time with someone who could "understand big words." Not quite as catty as it may sound- she just appreciates my articulateness and word nerdery as I appreciate hers. I read 2 whole books while I was there and she read one.

It was a long weekend of words and nature, a perfect combination in my opinion. I brought her a book, a pot of begonias and a pot of chives as a birthday present. While I was there, I walked a nature trail through a marsh and listened to the blackbirds. While traveling down a country road, I saw four wild turkeys jogging down the side of the road, looking at me nervously over their shoulders. I saw many deer, and a juvenile bald eagle flew right past her windshield at one point. We picked wild leeks on her property, and I brought some home and cooked with them in the week afterward. In addition to reading, we talked about books, played word games, and watched a movie (The Secret Life of Bees) based on a book we'd both read. We also saw a live play. It was mediocre, but we only paid $5 a ticket, which is a bargain. A love of live theater is something I'm so glad my parents instilled in me.

I rubbed her back and helped her get online with her laptop (I had almost forgotten how slow even fast dial-up is!), and we cooked together. We went out for Mexican in town and invited an old high school friend of mine to meet us there. The three of us talked and laughed for almost two hours. We went into town to her church and saw a live simulcast of Dave Ramsey talking about the topic of Hope. We played with Mom's dog, who was recovering from being mauled by her neighbor's two wolf-dog hybrids a few days earlier.  And we talked and talked.

I really cherish my relationship with my mother. It hasn't always been perfectly smooth or happy and we still have areas of disagreement, but it's real and authentic and I feel like I can be myself with her and she with me, at least in the ways that are most important. I should log off LJ and give her a call.

Happy Mother's Day to you all!


May. 10th, 2009 04:35 pm
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Dang! I just put a bunch of plants in the ground in my yard this afternoon. I thought I was safe because we'd been having mild evenings for so long. Now, I just looked at a couple of weather websites, and they both say there's a frost advisory tonight. :(

If I cover them up with some kind of plastic sheeting, they should be OK, right?

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