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Strangely enough, April Fools always makes me miss my family and feel nostalgic for my childhood. My family really got into the spirit of April Fools in a fun and usually-not-mean way. For instance, I told my mother in a recent phone conversation that I'd learned to make mozzarella from [ profile] custardfairy , and when I mentioned rennet tablets, she asked if I remembered her having them around the house when I was a kid. I didn't. She used them for a couple different culinary uses, but also for pranking. She would put a rennet tablet in the glasses of milk for us kids so when we went to drink them, they'd be solid.

I remember other pranks, like blue milk and green orange juice. I also tried pranking back, but it was usually lame (fake snake in the bedside lamp) or went horribly awry. I remember putting a wet cloth in my Dad's bed thinking he'd go "Yuck!" when he felt something cold and wet. Being 6 or so at the time, it didn't occur to me that it'd soak into the mattress and make a majorly wet and chilly night's sleep for him. :('

The only really mean prank I remember was my brother A. calling and telling Mom he was on his way home for a surprise visit from college... but no, just an April Fool's joke.

When my sister got married, it was beautiful weather in Michigan and the family camped at a park near Lansing the night before the ceremony. At the time, my brother A. was dating Y., the woman he eventually married. She came along for the trip, and I remember lying in our bunks in the Scamper talking about family traditions. Y. said that when she and her brother were little, her father played an April Fools prank by getting them up around 5 a.m. yelling, "The pig got out! Help me catch it!" They were down in the yard in their pajamas running around the yard before they realized, "Wait, we don't have a pig." (They had owned one but had sold it the previous year.)

So, yeah, I understand why some people are annoyed by April Fools pranking, but it has a special place in my heart, even if I don't do much of it myself these days.

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