Apr. 4th, 2008

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My great aunt Margaret is really cute. She called me last night to get my brother's phone number. I knew she was in her 80s, but couldn't remember how old exactly. In the course of conversation, I learned she's 87 (good genes in my family!).

She is worried about my Mom living in the country by herself and wanted my brother to buy Mom one of those medical alert bracelets that allow you to call for medical help at the push of a button. Aunt Margaret called me back later to say that my brother had assured her that Mom always takes her cell phone with her when she's out walking in the woods, and she can call anyone she wants if she falls down and can't get up.

Great Aunt Margaret says she's doing well for 87 but she gets tired sometimes. "Sometimes," she said, "I get up and have breakfast, and then it's time to go back to bed and take a nap."

For all the work she did raising 3 boys and then later running a house with property and a big garden alone after her husband died, I think she deserves to take a nap any time she wants.

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