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I just ran across a link to this type of permanent, non-hormonal birth control for women. Why haven't I heard of this before?
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Since Sarah Michigan: My Life As An Amateur Porn Star is the place you come for a little something guaranteed to offend at least one person on my friend's list, here's a fab link I picked up from someone on the LJ birthcontrol community. It talks about how many Pro-Lifers end up having abortions, thinking that they are "special cases," all the while still believing that every abortion provider and every other abortion patient is still a murder.
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There was recently a very interesting debate on [ profile] jenx's journal about pharmacies or pharmacists that won't fill certain prescriptions, typically the 'morning after' pill, but also some other kinds of prescriptions. There's some conflicting information about CVS pharmacies. One pharmacy was in the news when a pharmacy tech refused to fill a birth control prescription because of a moral objection. However, their corporate policy seems pretty reasonable, and Planned Parenthood gives them the thumbs up. Rite Aid and some other pharmacies have less accommodating policies. K-mart, I am happy to report, has a policy that says they don't think it's right for a customer to have to leave the store with an unfilled prescription due to a worker's moral objections.

Here's Planned Parenthood's entire score card:

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