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The technology of music just keeps moving on, but somehow, there's less romance to the idea of trying to remember "What the first song you downloaded?" rather than the first vinyl record, first cassette, first CD.

Do you folks remember your firsts in music?

Vinyl album: I can't remember the first LP I bought on my own. I do remember that the first LPs that were bought specifically for me (as opposed to general listening for all the kids in the house) were a set of LPs for my 10th or 11th birthday (or perhaps for Christmas). I remember that Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and Starship's "Knee Deep in the Hoopla" were among the albums I was given. The Starship album was probably chosen because the song "Sara" was popular at the time... I also know that someone bought me a single of Hall & Oates' song "Sarah Smile," around that time, too.**

First cassette album:
U2's "Unforgettable Fire" was the first cassette album I bought with my own money and is still in my collection. Also, perhaps because it's the only music I ever bought in another country, I clearly remember purchasing the Howard Jones EP "Action Replay" in Toronto while on vacation with my parents.

First CD:
When this new-fangled technology came out, I was skeptical, but I had been given an inexpensive CD player and needed something to play in it. I went down to a convenience store near Western Michigan University's Campus that also happened to buy and cell used CDs and picked up a used copy of Fishbone's "Truth and Soul." I just relistened to that album last weekend, and various songs have been stuck in my head since ("Wow, I was shakin'!"). It was definitely worth the $3 or $4 I paid for it...

**Incidentally, while I can find a youtube video of the Hall & Oates version, I can't find that song anwyhere online to dowload, though we found a version by Boys II Men.

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Underground Chinese hip-hop, not state sanctioned...

I'm especially amused by the snippet of fast-mo tai chi toward the end.

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I've had "The St. Louis Blues" stuck in my head for days now, and I'm not even sure why. It's not like you hear it in passing on a weekly basis. I found a fun clip of Bessie Smith singing it, though it's a slightly different version than the one I learned from my Mom.
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Wow, the band North really gives you a lot of music and entertainment for your buck. We saw them in concert last night, and between North and their guests/opening acts, it was almost 3 hours of music. It's too bad the Ark was so damn cold- we would have enjoyed the show better if we'd known we should layer up. But, anyhow, a really good show. And, free downloads of some of their singles from the website, too. Very cool.

Also, for my drumming/percussion-loving friends, Tom Sharpe, who guested during the show, is cool beyond description. You'd have to see this hyper little man live in person, jumping around with jingles on his ankles to get the full effect, but he has some clips at his website, too.


Sep. 7th, 2008 03:36 pm
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I saw these ladies perform at Crazy Wisdom last night. They're pretty fun to see live. If you ever wondered what the Steel Guitar Blues would sound like played on an autoharp and a ukulele, these are your gals...
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Every time I woke up in the night last night, I had some song or other playing in my mind. At one point, I had the "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" tune going, but it had the Pogo lyrics of "Twinkle, twinkle little bat/How I wonder where you're at" **accompanying it.

I woke up to the alarm with Crowded House's "Something So Strong" playing in there, specifically the lyrics, "I've been feeling so much older/Frame me, and hang me on the wall". 

Then, I clicked on LJ's notice about their new staff member, and I've had something quite different stuck in my head ever since...  

** Actually, the line is from Lewis Carroll's Alice stories, but I'm leaving the Pogo link anyway so I can go explore it later. I love Pogo.
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Why is it so rare to get a cool song stuck in your head?

Currently, I have "The Three Little Fishies" stuck in my head. I mean, it's a cute song, but I'm about Diddum-doddum'ed out after the second time through my brain.

Before that, I had "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves" stuck in there for about a week...

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Some background. I think that the White Stripes are talented but pretty over-rated, especially by Rolling Stone. For instance, Rolling Stone included the band's album "Elephant" in the RS Top 500 albums of all time. Most recently, RS ran two separate articles (one giving background on the songs, the other a more traditional review with a 3.5-star rating) about the Stripes' new album in one issue.

This conversation ensued this morning:

Me: Who do you think Jack and Meg are blowing over at Rolling Stone?

J: I don't know. Maybe Jack is blowing Jan Hammer.

Me: Uh, do you mean Jann Wenner, the publisher? Jan Hammer is the guy that did the Miami Vice theme song.

J. starts humming the Miami Vice Theme Song.

Me, in a pseudo-Germanic accent: Yah, Jack, Meg, I will write the theme song for your movie...
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1. I know that [ profile] _scarlet_ibis_ will be horrified that anyone still listens to Joan Osborne, but here goes, anyway. ;) Osborne has got some crazy gender-bender shit going on in the lyrics of several songs on her album "Righteous Love." In "Baby Love," she sings, "Help me understand/ Do you want to be the man?" I'm not sure if it's kinkier if she's singing this to a man or a woman. She also has a song called "If I Was Your Man." I really don't know anything about her sexuality, but the lyrics are eyebrow-raisers. Tangentially, I also think her cover of "Love is Alive" kicks ass.

2. I've been listening mostly to books on CD during my commute, but with the end of "Conservatives without Conscience," I'm done with books on CD for this year, and I've gone back to listening to music. I have to say that I think that New Order's "Technique" comes pretty close to a perfect pop album. It's not that any one song is great (though some charted in the US and the UK), but the songs all fit together really well, thematically and aurally. I like the music and vocals and think many of the lyrics are clever, but it's the overall feel of the album that I particularly like.
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Had an acquaintace say she thought it was some kind of political correctness that Outkast won instead of White Stripes for Album of the year. In response, I said:

I really think the White Stripes and Elephant are overrated. I listened to the album again a few days ago, and while I like several of the songs, some of them are *really* irritating. I haven't listened to Speakerboxxx, but judging from the two break-out hits, those guys put out some catchy, catchy tunes. As does Beyonce.

I think it's like the recent debates in literature. Some people are so caught up in being high-minded artistes with their 10-page descriptions of their toilet and starting each chapter with 2 quotes from some obscure romantic poet, that they forget that readers WANT A GOOD STORY! (separate rant which I will not subject you to).

I don't care how arty you are or what your prog-rock roots are-- people want good voices and catchy tunes. While the White Stripes certainly have some songs that can get stuck in your head, I dont' think you could accuse either Jack or Meg of having a melodious voice (Meg's makes me shudder on that "cold, cold rain" song).

I agree with an article I saw at (that came out well before the grammys) that said hard rock was lacking this last year, and R&B and hip-hop artists were really doing the innovative work. THAT's why I think there were so many African-American winners, not because of some kind of political correctness on the part of Grammy voters.

I was happy Missy Elliott took home a grammy, too. I love her!

As for Evanescence, they get on my nerves. I can stand one or two songs, but not the whole album all at one time. That lead singer has a beautiful voice, but I don't like the way she uses it-- she's always using it in a crying-moaning way. I suppose that's their whole goth-rock schtick, but I guess I'm not taken with their schtick ([ profile] dionysus1999 likes them).

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