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If you like rummage sales and have never been to Belleville's City Wide Yard Sale, you might want to pencil it in for this weekend. It's traditionally held the weekend after Labor Day, and though I haven't heard anything confirming they're definitely having it, I don't know why they wouldn't - it's been a tradition there for decades. I've gone several years and have scored some cool things, including a couple of VHS tapes for 50 cents and a really nice wooden jewelry box.

All you have to do is take I-94 to the Belleville Exit (190), turn south, and drive until you see all the folks swarming the streets. Park anywhere on Main or one of the side streets (I recommend Second or Third Street- free parking and pretty central) and just walk around. Not everyone participates, but you can easily hit half a dozen yard sales by just walking around one city block. Local churches often get in on this too, and they tend to have a really high concentration of cool stuff.
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I've discovered a whole bunch of cool new-to-me places from my reviewing gig. Here are some recommendations, by subject:

Places to shop that pay the workers a fair wage:
-10 Thousand Villages in downtown Ann Arbor (household decor and gift items, mainly, also fair-trade coffee)
-Mathilde's women's clothing in Kerrytown (sadly not much in plus-sizes)

Small local berry farm that doesn't use insecticide. Also sells raspberry honey:
-Makielski's Berry Farm

Cute downtown with LOTS of small independent retailers, including many that sell organic or earth-friendly goods. Oh yeah, and free parking:
-City of Plymouth
Honorable Mention for small downtown with cute independent shops:
Village of Dixboro

Fabulous local museums, mostly local history:
-Firehouse Museum
-Ypsilanti Historical Museum
-Washtenaw County Historical Museum (Museum on Main)
-Holocaust Center
-Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Collection

Favorite local thrift/second hand/reuse stores:
-PTO Thrift store
-Ann Arbor Reuse Center
-The Scrapbox
-Such a Find (antiques)

Parks and Nature areas:
-Furstenberg Nature Area
-Lillie Park
-North Bay Park (this is actually an old favorite, but I can't help but plug it)

-Kitchsy diner with WWII bomber memorabilia, The Bomber
-Thai Basil in Livonia
-Zeidan's Bakery and Cafe (middle eastern breads, pastries & deli food)

Small fruit and vegetable markets/Ethnic markets:
-Foods of India
-Alexander's Produce in Whitmore lake
-Mediterranean Market

Artsy-crafty places:
-Art Attack (art supplies)
-Flying Sheep Yarns
-Quilting Season

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