May. 6th, 2017

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Book No. 21 was "The Sheltering Sky" by Paul Bowles. I saw the movie based on this book when I was a freshman in college and it always stuck with me. Later, I found out about the interesting literary marriage of Paul and Jane Bowles. I read Jane's book "Two Serious Ladies" last year, and was intrigued to read this book by Paul. It tells the story of a married couple, Port and Kit Moresby, who are traveling across north Africa after WWII with their friend Tunner. Port and Kit have been on the outs and the trip is meant to bring them together, but their marriage troubles continue during the trip, exacerbated by Tunner's attempts to seduce Kit and by Port taking ill. I won't say more because it would involve plot spoilers. The book is somewhat bleak but some of the descriptions of the desert and nomadic life are lovely. The language feels very simple but a phrase or a whole paragraph here and there is just breath-taking. (Fun fact: The song "Tea in the Sahara" by The Police was inspired by this novel.)

Book No. 22 was "Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond" by Kim Harrison, as an audiobook. J. and I have been enjoying Harrison's "The Hollows" urban fantasy series for many years, and this collection is full of short stories in the same setting, as well as some stories toward the end of the collection that are set in a different universe with different magical creatures and supernormal abilities. A few of these stories are so long as to approach novella length. I really liked the story where Jenx, the pixie, helps top elf Trent Kalamack with a heist. Some of the other stories felt unnecessary, including the one that gave a little bit of back story about the elf Ceri. I actually liked one of the stories not set in the hollows, "Spider Silk," the best out of the whole collection. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to someone who isn't into urban fantasy, but if you're a fan of Harrison's other novels, you'd enjoy these stories in her style.

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