Feb. 12th, 2017

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"Heap House," the first in the Iremonger trilogy by Edward Carey. This is a fun, illustrated YA novel set in an alternative reality/fantasy London. The Iremonger family lives in Heap House, a mansion made of refuse and surrounded by monstrous "Heaps" of trash from London. Lucy Pennant arrives at the house as a new servant and encounters Clod, an Iremonger who can hear the voices of the objects. Together, they begin to unravel the dark secrets of Heap House. The illustrations definitely add a lot to the kooky-but-menacing atmosphere the novel creates. I liked it and am planning to read the rest of the trilogy.


"Air" by Geoff Ryman. Mae lives in a remote village in a fictional Asian country in the near future when it's announced that a new technology called "Air" will be made available to the whole world. A test that basically broadcasts the internet into everyone's head goes disastrously wrong and people end up hurt or dead. Mae is nearly driven crazy by it and has to fight both the country's bureaucracy and the superstition and suspicion of her fellow villagers to show them how the new technology will destroy their old way of living but might also possibly bring good, new things into their lives. You'll be rooting for Mae to succeed despite adversity. Highly recommended.

My full comments on both books here.

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