Dec. 31st, 2016

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My final book of the year, #89, was "Under the Tuscan Sun," a memoir by Frances Mayes. After the dissolution of her long marriage, she and her new boyfriend decide to buy an Italian villa and restore it to use as a summer/vacation home. She tells about the remodeling process, the history of the Tuscan country-side, and the best peasant dishes she learns to make.  I really enjoyed the sensual delights of this book, full of tasty recipes and descriptions of sun-soaked Italian olive terraces while reading it at the start of Michigan's long, cold winter. If you like books that give you insight into life in another country, accompanied by recipes, you might like this book a great deal. Don't judge the book based solely on the movie adaptation, either -- I haven't seen it, but it looks kinda cheesy.

My full list of all 89 books I read this year, plus an analysis of what I read and a list of my favorites is available here, at the 50 Book Challenge community.

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